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Man & Cosmos: Healing Anxiety through the Wisdom of Astrology

Energy Healing Practitioner and author Ines Radjenovic takes us on a journey into the teachings of astrology and what they reveal about the nature of anxiety.

This workshop opens with a heart-centering meditation followed by a 45-minute presentation where you will gain insight into the fundamental roots of anxiety and discover holistic means of treatment. Here, astrology is used for its incredible ability to increase our self-knowledge and awareness of behavioural tendencies, allowing us to step into new levels of consciousness and participate more fully in our healing process. We close with an open dialogue where Ines will further shed light on any questions you may have.

A warm tea beverage will be provided upon arrival and Ines' fascinating book, Man And Cosmos: Astrology and the Human Experience, will be available for purchase at $20.

Join us for this mind-body-soul experience and feel more centered amidst the rush of a busy holiday season.

Find out more about Ines' work by visiting her website.

Entrance ticket: $25

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