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DISCOVER: The Astrology of Relationships with Ines Heals

Artwork by Eugenia Loli

Artwork by Eugenia Loli

Ever wonder why so many relationships begin in the fall? Here's a hint: it's Libra season! Libra is the sign of marriage and partnership. Cosmically speaking, we have the natural impulse to pair off and explore one another during this time and in the months to come (remember that after Libra we enter Scorpio season, the sign of sexuality, fusion and transformation). So what better time than now to explore the zodiac signs in a love relation? Learn about each sign's perspective on love and commitment, and certain behavioural ticks they're likely to express.

If you are in a relationship, come deepen your understanding of your partner and how your energies combine. Looking to partner up before winter hits? Decode the flighty nature of the Aquarian you have your eye on, or the sensitive terrain of the Pisces lover you've always felt drawn to.

Come with your questions as there will be a Q & A period after the presentation!

Reserve a spot for one for $25 or bring a friend/partner 2 for $40 ($20 each)!


Host Bio: Ines Radjenovic is an Astrologer, Reiki Practitioner, Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner and author. Her intuitive healing practice focuses on building profound self-knowledge and releasing the emotional wounds and subconscious thought patterns that stand in the way of your personal empowerment.

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