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CLEANSE: Find your Spring Glow

Photography by: Liana Carbone

Photography by: Liana Carbone

Spring is a season of new beginnings. It’s a time of rebirth: Seeds sprout, flowers bloom and we naturally sense an opportunity for a fresh start. 

Come for a detox tea, and a talk with naturopath Vanessa Riccio. Learn how you can support your body’s natural desire to purify, easily and safely, what to except when cleansing, specific foods to support and create balance so we have a healthy glow year-round. 

Leave with recipes, meditations and mantras.

Our body is part of the universal intelligence, which is perfect. YOU are perfect. By eating and living in alignment with the nature, our mind, body and soul will thrive, and we will tap into our bodies self-healing mechanisms. Symptoms of illness are considered to be alarm signals indicating the body’s response to poor living habits. In effort to restore health, Naturopathy focuses on the cause of such symptoms rather than the symptoms themselves. The purpose is to ultimately eliminate the cause, thus subsequently eliminating the symptoms.

Host Bio: Vanessa is a certified Naturopath, therapeutic yoga teacher, and personal trainer who fuses these modalities in her workshops, retreats and one on one private sessions, to help you become more youthful, radiant and in the best heath of your life.

Social media: Vanessa Riccio / @greendailydose

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Photography of Botticelli's Primavera by Liana Carbone.

Photography of Botticelli's Primavera by Liana Carbone.