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ASTROGUIDE: Themes for the month of May

Photography by: Liana Carbone

Photography by: Liana Carbone

See what the stars have in store throughout the month of May with astrologer Ines Radjenovic. This workshop will allow you to tune into the ongoing celestial dance so that you can powerfully harness the energies of the Cosmos!

We will open with a cup of warm tea, infused with Reiki energy and positive, life-affirming vibes. Following this, Ines will lead an empowering heart-centering meditation so we can absorb new knowledge from a place of inner strength and connection. Then we will look to the stars for an in-depth understanding of what lies ahead for the month of May. The lunar cycle will be explored, with focus on how to balance the sign energies highlighted by the New Moon and Full Moon. We will examine the major planetary aspects at play and how they may affect our lives both personally and globally. Auspicious dates will be provided for ventures in business, romance, and spiritual growth, illuminating and empowering your path for the next 30 days. To close we will state prepared affirmations together, immersing ourselves in the message of the Cosmos.

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Host Bio: Ines Radjenovic is an astrologer, Reiki and Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner and author. Her first book, Man and Cosmos: Astrology and the Human Experience, is an insightful and intriguing study of occult theory, astrology and spirituality. 

www.inesheals.com / @ines.heals