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COLOUR: Seeing beyond Black and White with Margaret Lipsey of Pistache & Rose

Photo by Margaret Lipsey

Photo by Margaret Lipsey

We are faced with hundreds of decisions on a daily basis and most of the time we believe we are limited to one of two choices. The activities we will do during this workshop will push you beyond those simple responses. Beyond black and white to perhaps find the colours waiting to come out of your inner artist. In this course we will explore creative thinking with the use of watercolours, pastels, markers and pencils. Participants will embark on creative play where the intention is to let your muse free rather than focusing on making art.

*Tickets must be reserved in advance to ensure we have enough supplies for everyone*

Ticket: $45

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Host Bio: Margaret Lipsey is a self taught abstract artist. Her work focuses on textures and movements with influences stemming from her childhood summers at Lake Michigan, haute couture, and a minimalist aesthetic.


instagram - @pistache_and_rose