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ELEMENTS: The Air Signs of the Zodiac

Photo by Liana Carbone

ELEMENTS: The Air Signs of the Zodiac is the third workshop of a four part series with Ines Heals!

Come join Ines Heals in this insightful exploration of elemental Air, the consciousness that links Father Spirit to Mother Matter. In this workshop, we will explore in detail the essence of each Air sign and their roles as the informing, balancing and liberating principles of life.

We will open with a cup of warm tea, infused with Reiki energy and healing vibes. Following this, Ines will lead a heart-centering meditation in order for us to absorb new knowledge from a place of inner strength and connection. Then we will plunge into the mythology, astrology and material nature of the three Air signs of the zodiac, exploring the curious and inspired nature of Gemini, the peace-keeping docility of Libra, and the visionary mind of Aquarius. Bring your most far-reaching ideas in tow as you will be writing powerful affirmations for the materialization of your desires. See you there!

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Contribution: $30 in pre-sale / $35 at the door

Host Bio: Ines Radjenovic is an astrologer, Reiki and Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner and author. Her first book, Man and Cosmos: Astrology and the Human Experience, is an insightful and intriguing study of occult theory, astrology and spirituality. 

www.inesheals.com / @ines.heals