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DISCOVER: The Anatomy of Consciousness with Ines Heals

Come join Ines Heals in this insightful exploration of the fascinating world of energy healing. In this workshop, we will explore how our bodies communicate disconnection from our spiritual purpose through dis-ease. 

We will open with a cup of warm tea, infused with Reiki energy and healing vibes. Following this, Ines will lead a grounding heart-centering meditation in order for us to absorb new knowledge from a place of inner strength and connection. Then we will plunge into the world of vibrational healing and what role it plays in the evolution of consciousness. Learn about the subtle energy bodies that govern our response to stress and our mental thought patterns, as well as what medical astrology and chinese medicine have to teach us regarding the emotional health of our organs and bodily processes. As always, we will be stating empowering affirmations in unison to support the joyful health of our bodies and souls. Leave with a handout to remind you of the key concepts that will be discussed! See you there.

Contribution: $25

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Host Bio: Ines Radjenovic is an Astrologer, Reiki Practitioner, Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner and author. Her intuitive healing practice focuses on building profound self-knowledge and releasing the emotional wounds and subconscious thought patterns that stand in the way of your personal empowerment.

 www.inesheals.com / @ines.heals